How to raise money: 3 small steps

In a survey conducted by Good Finance to discover the Brazilian financial profile, results showed that more than 80% of Brazilians can not save. From what we learned from this research, we decided to create a small 3-step guide so you can learn how to raise money in a simple and didactic way.

Why can not many save?

Why can not many save?

a) They think that investing is for someone who makes a lot of money.

Certainly, it is not.

b) Because they do not have a financial control tool.

Good Finance, complete tool for anyone who wants to raise money!

c) They do not know how they spend their money every month.

So much effort to earn your salary … try to keep an eye on what happens to him.

d) Because they end up consuming more now, giving up power to consume more in the future.

Do not forget your future.

That’s right … but how do I raise money?


1) Be aware of your expenses

Get organized. It is very important that you know where your money is going. Try to keep track of your spending and see how much and where you can save. To make your budget, pick up the accounts from the past month and then evaluate if you are satisfied with each category. The reason for the creation of Good Finance is to assist in this organization, automatically and in less than 2 minutes.

2) Define what your goals are

And why do you want to figure out how to raise money? It’s no use doing this without purpose, it will be much more difficult. Take a piece of paper and write, draw and calculate the price to reach them and put them at your fingertips.

3) Create the Habit

3) Create the Habit

Better than wanting to make lots of money at once, it’s time to get together every month. So, create attitudes that allow you to always do this. Now … how can you do it?

Pay first

At the beginning of the month, separate the right amount and put it on some investment.

Stop spending on what is not important to you

Often, it is not necessary to cut costs, the important thing is that your money is used in the way that makes the most sense for you. Focus your efforts on your goal.

Shopping in your favor

Each purchase you make, you save the value to you. You bought a pair of 60’s? Then, allocate $ 6 for savings. Spent 100 reais to see a music show? Save another $ 10. Always make this account before buying something, you will see the effect quickly.

And the most important … Be sure to use the tools available, they can help you to speed up the whole process!

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