Do chores if you need money

Doing chores when you need money, that’s a good idea, you have no idea how many people have two left hands and are eager to get a little help with not too complicated assignments. Read on to see how you can best set this up and which pitfalls you should avoid.

Many people are not handy


A lot of people, more than you think, are not that handy and do not have the money to engage a company to do minor repairs in and around the house. Think in particular of the simple things, such as connecting a power outlet, setting up a television or a DVD player. Hanging a lamp, unblocking a sink and so on. Very small repairs that still gave a large number of people a headache.

Doing chores if you need money

Doing chores if you need money

Make a nice simple clear brochure that explains exactly what you can do and what it will cost, just give an indication of this and tell in your brochure that they can call you to agree on an exact price and when you have time to do this. to do. Keep the brochure simple but provide sufficient information.

Choose a catchy title and take a format folder that people can easily save, the best format is A5, which is a paper that you use in your printer and then folded it twice and cut by four.

Just create something on your own computer without too much adornment, that really doesn’t make the folder more interesting. State clearly your telephone number and when people can call you. Clarity is very important.



Once you have accepted an assignment, ensure that you strictly comply with the agreements made. Nothing is more annoying than when your customers have to wait for you for nothing without you clearly communicating this.

When you have done the job, make sure that you clean up all the junk that you have created, that will leave a good impression and that the customer will choose you again next time. Be clear to the customer, even when you don’t have the time or the desire, just say this, it’s better than to turn around and create confusion.


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